September 7th, 2018

Two Futures for America

This weekend we witnessed something extraordinary. The honoring of Senator John McCain’s life by his family, friends, rivals, and colleagues reminded us of what America can and should be.

We can strongly disagree with one another on issues, but we can also respect one another.

We can hold opposing views without demonizing the other side.

We can turn away from false partisan divisions, and even buck the party line, to find compromise and a way forward that benefits America as a whole.

Two years ago, several months before the 2016 elections, then Vice President Joe Biden came to Houston to talk about cancer. I had the privilege to see him speak at Rice’s Tudor Fieldhouse, and while he rightfully praised M.D. Anderson for their leadership and innovation, as well as their treatment of his son Beau, he spent most of the time talking about President George H.W. Bush.

He remembered during his first visit to Houston as Vice President that President Bush came to see him simply to shake his hand and tell him how glad and proud he was that Vice President Biden was serving our country in that critical role that he, too, once held.

Biden recalled for his audience that despite their fierce disagreements at times in the 80’s and 90’s, never did he believe President Bush didn’t want what was best for America. And never did President Bush question or disparage then Senator Biden’s patriotism or love for America.

Then he wondered out loud, “What the hell has happened? How did we get where we are today?”

I had the privilege to intern in The White House for President Bush between my junior and senior year of college, and this story really hit home with me. It started the wheels turning on what would become this race for Congress to reunite our country and change Washington.

For me, it comes down to Two Futures for America:

1. Do you want our country to keep going down a path of fear, hostility, and nastiness?

2. Or do you want America to get back on track, to being the country that is about expanding opportunity and liberty, civility and stability, for ALL people? Common Sense and Common Decency, anyone? 

In meeting with Independents, Democrats, and Republicans all across our district, I’ve seen a future for our country that demonstrates clearly how our global and growing community, right here in TX-02, works together to find solutions and get things done.

I’m honored to work hard to represent ALL of the people of TX-02, and with your action and your support, I know we can take what works so well in our community up to Washington and get America back on track.


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