February 16th, 2018

School Today In America

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It’s a word that evokes lots of feelings and memories, some great some not so great, for everyone. It’s a place of friendship and camaraderie in classrooms, on teams, in studios, labs, and theaters. It’s a place of learning and growing, teaching and guiding.

One of the things our children learn in school today, including mine and likely yours, is what to do when there’s an “active shooter” on campus. What on Earth are we doing?

Teachers, administrators, and coaches also learn what to do when someone is shooting people in school. Think about that, please. Today in America, we teach and coach our children and adults what to do when someone comes into our children’s and grandchildren’s schools and starts shooting and killing people.

They learn to lock the doors, turn off the lights, and cower in a corner, trying their best to be silent. They learn to call the police and shield students from gunfire, and, if they’re lucky enough to get out of school alive, to run with their hands up so they’re not active shooter targets for our first responders. We saw this horror show play out in America, again, yesterday at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

This is what we choose to teach our children in school? This is the best environment for learning and growing, for teaching and guiding? This is the world we choose to live in? What are we doing?

We need a change. We need to act.

I wrote last fall after the Las Vegas shootings that in June of 2017, the Pew Research Center surveyed both Democrats and Republicans on issues of gun safety. Over 75% of respondents in both parties, Republican and Democratic, supported the following legislation:

- Barring those who are mentally ill from purchasing firearms
- Barring those who are on either a terrorist watch or no-fly list from purchasing firearms
- Employing background checks for guns bought at private sales and gun shows

These proposals are not about taking anyone’s guns away, but rather keeping guns out of the hands of people who may harm themselves or others. But this Congress is so scared of and beholden to the NRA that they haven’t even acted to regulate or ban bump stocks, as they indicated they would do after the horrific Las Vegas shootings.

With your vote and your support, I will work with you and anyone in Congress and across this country to pass common sense gun safety legislation to protect our people and our communities, our children and our schools.

I will also work and fight for universal background checks and against Concealed Carry Reciprocity, which allows people with permits to carry concealed weapons in one state, even with weak or empty permitting processes, to carry in any state in our country. I will work and fight to close the “boyfriend loophole” that allows convicted domestic abusers to purchase as many firearms as they want so long as they weren’t married to, have children with, or live with the person they abused.

And I will work and fight not only to regulate bump stocks, but also to re-regulate assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that lead to the types of horrific acts becoming so commonplace teaching how to navigate an active shooter scenario is on every school’s curriculum in 21st century America.

Let’s work together to bring Common Sense and Common Decency from our community and yours to Washington D.C.

Todd Litton

January 31st, 2018

34 Precinct Chairs from TX-02 Now Endorse Our Campaign

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Thank you so much to all of the Democratic Precinct Chairs that have endorsed our campaign, including the nine new additions to Team Litton: Bill Galbraith, Belinda Castro, Santana Perez, Shaun Nelson, Annette Matthews, Lori Hathaway, Ella Guaqueta, Angela Blackwell, and Linda Cryer!

We are grateful to have their support and their help as we continue to work across the community to turn TX-02 blue, and to bring a positive vision of our future to D.C. Thank you all for being a part of Team Litton!

January 29th, 2018

Sue Lovell Endorses Todd

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We are excited to announce that former Houston City Council Member At-Large and Houston Vice Mayor Pro Tem Sue Lovell is endorsing our campaign!

We are grateful to have Sue's support, someone who has served our community so well, and has worked hard to improve the lives of people across our district.

Our campaign continues to gain momentum and build a strong coalition of supporters as we work to bring Common Sense and Common Decency to Capitol Hill. We are excited to welcome former Houston City Council Member At-Large Sue Lovell to Team Litton!

January 16th, 2018

Barbara Ann Radnofsky Endorses Our Campaign

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We are incredibly pleased to receive the endorsement of Barbara Ann Radnofsky, former Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate (TX) and Texas Attorney General.

In her endorsement, Radnofsky said, "I have known Todd personally for many years, and I am excited that he is running for U.S. Congress in Texas–02. He has a positive vision for the district, and for the country, and would make a truly great Congressman. I know him, trust him, and am excited to endorse him for that Congressional seat.”

We are grateful for Barbara Ann's support as we campaign to turn this seat blue.

January 12th, 2018

Harris County Tejano Democrats Endorse Todd Litton for Congress

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Thank you so much to the Harris County Tejano Democrats for endorsing our campaign for Common Sense and Common Decency.

We are so grateful to have their support as we continue to work towards bringing a positive vision for our future, based on Todd's belief that what makes America truly exceptional is our people – all of our people – to Capitol Hill in 2018.

January 11th, 2018

Ellen Cohen Endorses Todd

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Our campaign is honored to receive the endorsement of Houston Mayor Pro-Tem and City Council Member Ellen Cohen. We are proud to have her support as we work to bring a positive vision of our future to D.C. 

Mayor Pro-Tem Cohen said, "I am pleased to endorse Todd Litton for Congress. I know Todd will work to represent all of the people in Texas's Second Congressional District. His values and experience clearly make him the right person to move the district forward.”

Thank you Mayor Pro-Tem Cohen!

January 10th, 2018

Todd Earns Endorsement Of Graciela Saenz

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Our campaign wants to thank former Houston Mayor Pro-Tem and Houston City Council Member Graciela Saenz for endorsing our campaign for TX-02!

About our campaign, former City Council Member Saenz said, "I have known Todd Litton for over 15 years, and have seen his hard work and dedication to improving education and increasing opportunity for all members of our community. I am proud to support and endorse Todd for TX-02, because I know that Todd has the commitment, vision, ideas, and skills to lead the district in a positive direction for all people. At a time when we need someone intelligent enough to grasp the hard issues, our community also needs someone with the civility to work well with others to get things done, Todd is the best candidate to represent our community in Congress. I am proud to be a part of Team Litton."

We are proud to have the support of former Council Member Saenz as we work across the District to bring common sense and common decency to Washington.

Welcome to Team Litton, Graciela

January 9th, 2018

A Positive Forecast For This Race

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Charles Kuffner, of Off The Kuff, offered a great local look in his December forecast at the increasing chance we take TX-02 in 2018!

The odds have increased significantly from a 45.8% chance of winning in November to now an astounding 49.6% with the odds only rising. We got in this race back in May because we saw the opportunity to flip this seat and bring Common Sense and Common Decency to Capitol Hill. In our travels across the district we see, every day, this opportunity becoming a reality. Our campaign outraised Ted Poe over the first two FEC filing quarters for which we were in the race, and Representative Poe subsequently announced his retirement. Now, we are running for an open seat that, as Kuffner notes, is on the brink of turning blue in 2018!

Your continual support helped us make this an open seat, and together we will win it! Thank you to the hundreds of supporters and numerous endorsers of our efforts!

Check out the article here.

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