Core Values

In America, we are all in the same boat. Too many politicians in D.C. today put their party over our country. They view every issue and every challenge through a broken partisan lens meant to divide us. That’s why I am running for Congress — to change the broken status quo, that this president has only made worse, and to bring our community’s Common Sense and Common Decency to Washington to get things done.
I believe there is no challenge we can’t solve by using our heads and our hearts. That’s what I mean by Common Sense and Common Decency. Whatever the issue before us, we use our heads – our Common Sense – and our hearts – our Common Decency.

When we use our heads and our hearts, when we use plain Common Sense and basic Common Decency, we can come together and find the common ground we need to unite our country and build a positive way forward for America.

After the elections in 2016, my wife Jennifer and I decided we had to do something to help get our country back on the path to growing respect and opportunity for all people. In our home, our faith teaches us that we’re here to love and respect all people, not hate or vilify one another.

We come from the most diverse city in the country, and it’s a diversity we embrace. Our children attended a public elementary school where almost 40 languages were spoken at home, and this diversity is an incredible source of strength, vitality, and opportunity in the school.

When Harvey hit our community, the Houston spirit that reflects the strength and vitality of our community’s diversity, our country’s diversity, shone brightest. Nobody cared what you looked like or where you came from. Nobody cared who you loved or how you prayed. Nobody cared how you voted. It was just, “Get in the boat.”

I believe what makes our country exceptional, what sets America apart from the rest of the world, is simple: It’s our people – all of our people – no exceptions. And for our country to continue to lead in our world, our leaders must realize that we are all in this together – we are all in the same boat.

It’s time for our leaders to stop trying to divide us. Instead, we need leaders who will work together to solve the challenges and issues that confront all of our people in their daily lives, leaders who will use a tried and true formula in our community—our Common Sense and our Common Decency—to get things done and bring a positive vision of our future from Harris County to Washington.


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