July 18th, 2018

Action Leads to Hope

Dear Friends,

What a week we just endured. With the latest in a long line of dumbfounding performances by our president, it seems our country and our democracy are in uncharted territory.

What do we do when any president dismisses our world class national intelligence infrastructure — thousands of men and women in the US military, in addition to the thousands of men and women serving our country in the NSA, CIA, FBI and other entities — and sides with Russia?

What do we do when any president sees Europe as a "foe" and Russia as a "competitor," or chooses to attack our closest trading partners in Mexico, Canada, and Europe and cozy up to and lay down for North Korea or Russia?

What do we do when any president undermines NATO, the World Health Organization and other entities that have promoted peace, health and stability around the globe?

We stay calm and we act.

All across our district, our community and our country, people want to see change and want to feel hope, again.

As I like to remind people, it's not hope that leads to action, but action that leads to hope.

We have to stay calm and act. We have to win this race in TX-02 and races all across the country to take control of the House and bring some fundamental checks and balances to Washington. We're not talking about separation of parties, but we are in desperate need of separation of powers to check this president's authority.

As we talk with folks around our district, at house parties, block walks, and community events, we see people get excited about taking action to create the change we need. When people come out and volunteer with our team, when they have the courage to put up a yard sign for the first time ever, or make a financial contribution to our campaign, they feel a renewed sense of hope that we can make that change a reality.

Stay calm and:

Sign up to join us for a block walk or get a yard sign
​Sign up to h​ost or ​attend​ a house party in your community
Make a contribution to ​our campaign
Share our Facebook page or Twitter account​
VOTE on November 6

We are so grateful for the support and encouragement we have seen. Please join and renew our efforts today to bring positive change to D.C.

Todd Litton

4617 MONTROSE BLVD, #C202, HOUSTON, TX 77006
MAIL: P.O. BOX 980874, HOUSTON, TX 77098